Printing Methods Made sense of Promotional T Shirts

Screen printing

Screen printing is most logical the most famous method of printing promotional t shirts, the set up process is like offset traditional printing methods where you really want to give your pictures in to detachable variety records for instance on the off chance that you have a four variety document you want to supply a CMYK record which the print production firm can separate each tone and isolate them from one another creating, four separate print pictures, one for the cyan tone, one for magenta and one each for the yellow and K being dark or dim scale. Fortunately the setup is the costliest part of the screen printing process and from here on out every t shirt is at an insignificant cost. To summarize, screen printing is the best cycle for creating a lot of promotional T shirts, a base request of a couple hundred and upwards.

Heat Press

Printing Promotional t shirts with heat transfers includes the digital reproduction of a heat transfer picture on to exceptionally coated paper that is then switched printed and heat proceeded to the promotional t shirt. The advantages of printing t shirts with heat transfer are that it is helpful for short runs. For instance it is conceivable and cost effective to create just one promotional t shirt.

T-Shirt Organization


As we recently mentioned in the introduction of this article weaving is truly not a printing cycle but fundamentally you are putting a picture on to a promotional t shirt so we have chosen to incorporate it if for no good reason more than explaining the cycle used to weave promotional t shirts. In an exceptionally basic explanation weaving includes reexamining the picture in to a stitch pattern or all the more so this creates a digital stitching map for the weaving machine to follow. One of the limitations of weaving is that it is simply helpful for stitching smallish pictures like a logo on the breast pocket of the t shirt or a club seal on the sleeve of a polo shirt.

Direct to Garment Printing

This is the latest in printing promotional t shirts, a completely digital cycle; it works like your home inkjet printer click to find out more. The t shirt is put on a versatile platen and is directed through the print heads with extreme exactness to create probably the highest quality printed illustrations to date. This printing method is fit for printing on to any shaded t shirt as it involves white ink as the base variety on hued promotional t shirts. With digital direct to garment printing all you do is mount the t shirt on to the platen and press print on your computer just as you would while printing a word document. The direct to garment process is medium evaluated and is getting more cost effective as new technology are being delivered on to the market. It is feasible to create a solitary great t shirt to a few hundred in a cost-effective way.