Story of a Police Officer Solving the Mystery – Uniki

Unike movie

There are plenty of crime thriller movies that the Tollywood movie industry has produced, and Unike is one of them. If you desire to watch Telugu full movies, then you must subscribe to Aha’s OTT platform. Uniki is a crime thriller movie that stars Chitra Shukla in the lead role.

The director of the movie is Rajkumar Bobby, and he made a fantastic movie that focuses on the troubles faced by an IAS officer. In this guide, you will learn some important details about this awesome female-oriented movie.

Cast of Uniki

Uniki is one of the latest films on Aha’s OTT platform and stars Ashish Gandhi, Chitra Shukla, TNR, Mahesh and Darbha Appaji Ambarisha. It is a well-executed movie that talks about the life of an IAS aspirant and the troubles she has to face once she becomes an IAS officer. Similar to other movies, there are both good and bad guys in it, negative and positive characters.

The Story

This story revolves around Subbalakshmi (Chitra Shukla), who is a lower-middle-class girl and an IAS aspirant. Eventually, she cracks the civil services examination and becomes an IAS officer but is troubled by evil people. She gets posted in the Godavari region and wants to help society there. The evil people who do not like her work target her a lot and even attempt to kill her.

By luck, she is able to escape the assassination attempt and then looks to plan a revolt against that. The remaining part of the story focuses on how she achieves her goal and how Abhi, played by Ashish Gandhi, helps Subbulakshmi in her difficult journey.

Good Things About the Movie

Some emotional scenes in this movie seem real and can leave the audience stunned. Most of the problems that are shown in this movie often happen in real life, and the twist that the character played by TNR reveals is also executed well. Chitra Shukla plays the lead role, and she is awesome in her role. You will love her looks, body language and her command of diction. Other actors also play their roles well in this movie.

Ashish Gandhi is particularly good in his role, and his dialogues are top-notch. He has a serious look throughout this Telugu full movie that fits his character. There are plenty of things to like in this movie, and dialogue delivery is one of them. You will love the dialogue in the movie.

Final Verdict

Uniki is a female-oriented movie that you will love to watch, and many scenes in the movie elevate it. Overall, the film is great and portrays all the troubles an honest IAS officer faces. If you are a fan of Chitra Shukla. You must watch the movie.

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